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Samsung Galaxy New Version will be Made out of Plastic

Samsung Galaxy S4 Plastic Back Cover
Samsung‘s next flagship Galaxy phone will likely have a plastic body, just like previous models, according to a DigiTimes report.DigiTimes says that Samsung thought about making the new phone, which some are calling the Galaxy S5, out of metal, but may scrap those plans because it’s too expensive to produce. The thinking goes that Samsung has already become the biggest smartphone maker in the world by selling plastic phones, so there’s no need to change course now.

One of the biggest criticisms of the current flagship Galaxy S4 phone is its plastic construction. Some people like plastic phones because they don’t crack and scratch as easily as metal phones. But they’re also not as attractive. For example, Samsung’s biggest Android phone rival HTC made a phone this year called the One out of metal. Reviewers loved it.

Early rumors about the Galaxy S5 suggested Samsung may make two versions of the device, one made out of metal and one made out of plastic. The metal variant would be sold at a premium price.

Samsung is expected to launch its new phone early next year, possibly in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.