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PCB to brief ICC And Other Cricket Boards on Security Evaluate

Lahore: Feb 10, 2013: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) would make a presentation to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and its member Boards soon on the measures taken by it since the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in a bid to impress on the other countries that security situation has improved in the country.Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) would make a presentation to the International Cricket Council (ICC)

A reliable source in the Board said that the PCB had hired an Army colonel who was with the Inter Services Intelligence and is a counter terrorism expert to prepare the security brief for the ICC and its member Boards.

“Colonel Azam is now working with the PCB vigilance and security wing as the Board has come to the conclusion that until the ICC and its member Boards are not made aware and are satisfied with security plans for domestic and international cricket in Pakistan, international teams or players will never come to Pakistan,” the source said.

The source said that Colonel Azam had been given the task of working with the vigilance and security wing to prepare a comprehensive security plan for presentation to the ICC and member Boards.

“When the PCB recently contacted different Boards in connection with seeking NOCs for players for Pakistan Super League they realised that a lot still needed to be done to convince them just how much the board had done since the attack on the Sri Lankans to prepare a tangible security blanket and plan for cricket in the country,” the source said.

Six Pakistani policemen and a van driver were killed in the attack on the Sri Lankans in March 2009 in which some of the visiting players were also wounded.

Since then, no Test playing nation has visited Pakistan because of security concerns and this week the Board announced it was postponing indefinitely the PSL that was to be launched in March end.