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Iphone 6 is Coming Soon on January 2014

Iphone 6 is Coming Soon on January 2014Apple has just released the latest Iphone 5S and Iphone 5 few days ago. These Smartphone didn’t have any surprising thing. A new Apple patent suggests that the iPhone 6 could be expanding the use of sapphire glass Now it is the time to have a look to the latest iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5C will take over for the iPhone 5 and it is offered in five colours. These are green, blue, pink, white and yellow, the device is plastic.

Both handsets will come out on 20th September and they will have iOS 7.

Apple has said that the iPhone 5S will be around 20 times quicker than the Apple iPhone 5 as it will have the A7 processor with the 64 bit CPU.

Iphone 6 vs IPhone 5

The iPhone 5S will have the larger f/2.2 aperture and image sensor that is around 15% larger. This should mean better shooting in low light with the camera. It will also allow auto image stabilisation and auto focus. The iPhone 5S will have two flashes, these come with adjustable intensity for colour in more than 1000 combinations.

The iPhone 5S may be up to date, however the incremental update does lead you to wonder what Apple could have in line with the Apple iPhone 6.

One of the things that the iPhone 5S is missing is video highlights, this means that the user can create digital segments on the device. This is something that the HTC One has.

The iPhone 5S does have about the same dimensions as the iPhone 5. Fans of Apple were wondering it Apple would go head to head with Android rivals and release a device with a larger display and better resolution. There has been little change in the iPhone 5S, so people are hoping that the iPhone 6 will bring with it a larger display.

There have been rumours going around about a phablet sizes display for the Apple iPhone 6, however this might be nothing more than wishful thinking.

IPhone 6 is Available with wide screen