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ICC Cricket World Cup Complete Fixtures 2015


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is starting from 14 February 2015, Opening match will be played between New Zealand vs Sri Lankna at Christchurch. In ICC Cricket World Cup 14 teams are participating that are divided into two pools A & B.

Pool A :

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Sri Lanka.

Pool B :

India, Ireland, Pakistan, South Africa, UAE, West Indies, Zimbabwe.

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Prize Money for The Tournament:

The International Cricket Council has declared a total prize money pool of $10 million for the tournament, which is 20 percent more than the 2011 edition. The prize money will be distributed according to the performance of the team as follows:

StagePrize money (US$)Total
Losing semi-finalists$600,000$1,200,000
Losing quarter-finalists$300,000$1,200,000
Winner of each group match$45,000$1,890,000
Teams eliminated in group stage$35,000$210,000

This means that if the winner remains undefeated throughout the group stage of the tournament, they will win a total of $4,245,000 (winner’s prize plus $45,000 for each group stage win), while a team which is eliminated in the group stage without any wins will be given $35,000.

Complete Schedule of Cricket World Cup 2015

Feb 14Group A: New Zealand v Sri LankaChristchurch03:00 PKT
Feb 14Group A: Australia v EnglandMelbourne08:30 PKT
Feb 15Group B: South Africa v ZimbabweHamilton06:00 PKT
Feb 15Group B: India vs PakistanAdelaide08:30 PKT
Feb 16Group B: Ireland v West IndiesNelson03:00 PKT
Feb 17Group A: New Zealand v ScotlandDunedin03:00 PKT
Feb 18Group A: Bangladesh v AfghanistanCanberra08:30 PKT
Feb 19Group B: Zimbabwe v United Arab EmiratesNelson03:00 PKT
Feb 20Group A: New Zealand v EnglandWellington06:00 PKT
Feb 21Group B: Pakistan v West IndiesChristchurch03:00 PKT
Feb 21Group A: Australia v BangladeshBrisbane08:30 PKT
Feb 22Group A: Sri Lanka v AfghanistanDunedin03:00 PKT
Feb 22Group B: India v South AfricaMelbourne08:30 PKT
Feb 23Group A: England v ScotlandChristchurch03:00 PKT
Feb 24Group B: West Indies v ZimbabweCanberra08:30 PKT
Feb 25Group B: Ireland v United Arab EmiratesBrisbane08:30 PKT
Feb 26Group A: Afghanistan v ScotlandDunedin03:00 PKT
Feb 26Group A: Sri Lanka v BangladeshMelbourne08:30 PKT
Feb 27Group B: South Africa v West IndiesSydney08:30 PKT
Feb 28Group A: New Zealand v AustraliaAuckland06:00 PKT
Feb 28Group B: India v United Arab EmiratesPerth11:30 PKT
Mar 1Group A: England v Sri LankaWellington03:00 PKT
Mar 1Group B: Pakistan v ZimbabweBrisbane08:30 PKT
Mar 3Group B: South Africa v IrelandCanberra08:30 PKT
Mar 4Group B: Pakistan v United Arab EmiratesNapier06:00 PKT
Mar 4Group A: Australia v AfghanistanPerth11:30 PKT
Mar 5Group A: Bangladesh v ScotlandNelson03:00 PKT
Mar 6Group B: India v West IndiesPerth11:30 PKT
Mar 7Group B: South Africa v PakistanAuckland06:00 PKT
Mar 7Group B: Zimbabwe v IrelandHobart08:30 PKT
Mar 8Group A: New Zealand v AfghanistanNapier03:00 PKT
Mar 8Group A: Australia v Sri LankaSydney08:30 PKT
Mar 9Group A: England v BangladeshAdelaide08:30 PKT
Mar 10Group B: India v IrelandHamilton06:00 PKT
Mar 11Group A: Sri Lanka v ScotlandHobart08:30 PKT
Mar 12Group B: South Africa v United Arab EmiratesWellington06:00 PKT
Mar 13Group A: New Zealand v BangladeshHamilton06:00 PKT
Mar 13Group A: England v AfghanistanSydney08:30PKT
Mar 14Group B: India v ZimbabweAuckland06:00 PKT
Mar 14Group A: Australia v ScotlandHobart08:30 PKT
Mar 15Group B: West Indies v United Arab EmiratesNapier03:00 PKT
Mar 15Group B: Pakistan v IrelandAdelaide08:30 PKT
Mar 18First Quarter-finalSydney08:30 PKT
Mar 19Second Quarter-finalMelbourne08:30 PKT
Mar 20Third Quarter-finalAdelaide08:30 PKT
Mar 21Fourth Quarter-finalWellington06:00 PKT
Mar 24First Semi-finalAuckland06:00 PKT
Mar 26Second Semi-finalSydney08:30 PKT
Mar 29FINALMelbourne08:30 PKT

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Complete Schedule